Design and construction of gardens, landscaping, and exterior work


Taking a cue from the thicket, we have created a natural cycle in our garden.

How we make a gardenAbout us

Our gardening process starts with cultivating the soil.A garden with a natural cycle, modeled after small satoyama and thickets, where creatures coexist in living soil. By incorporating driftwood and ancient stones, we create a garden with a sense of atmosphere from the moment it is created, through our own design and construction.

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  • Design


    There are two types of design in creating a garden: desk-based and actual. We design how to arrange the "outside room" called a garden, considering usability, accessibility, and local climate.

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  • Soil


    Our gardening process begins with cultivating the soil. We start by cultivating the soil for the long term, making the most of the natural cycles to create a garden that is suited to the land and the seasons.

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  • Materials


    Driftwood, garden rocks made from pebbles, old roof tiles, and other old materials can be used to create a one-of-a-kind garden. The result is not only quaint and tasteful, but also environmentally friendly.

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  • Plants


    We select plants that match the local climate. Plants can die quickly if planted in the wrong way, so we plant them so that they will take root and grow healthily.

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  • Maintenance


    A garden is only as good as its completion. We perform maintenance that considers the health of the plants, such as fertilizing, and pruning to beautify the shape of the trees, watermark pruning and allow new buds to sprout.

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  • Pruned branch compost

    Pruned branch compost

    Using the cycle of a thicket as a model, we have turned pruned branches into compost through natural fermentation. By returning this to the soil in the garden, we can sustain organic soil in a more natural way.

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